More than just a foot massage, here is a guide to the 6 main benefits of reflexology & why you should consider booking a reflexology treatment…

1. Re-balances energy flow throughout the body.

The main principle that lies at the root of reflexology is that it works through re-balancing energy. Within ancient medical philosophies there is a strong belief that life force (energy) flows up from the Earth, enters the feet & travels throughout our body. In a balanced, healthy person the energy is flowing freely, but ill health can occur if this energy becomes stagnant or blocked. Reflex points on the feet can give indications of energy imbalances in the body. Working on these points during reflexology can help correct these imbalances, allowing the energy to flow smoothly, once again.

2. Stimulates & rejuvenates nerve function.

Nerves are the body’s communication system & with over 7000 nerve endings in the feet, it is no wonder that reflexology can be a stimulating, sensory experience.

Nerves do not work in isolation though, they are all part of a complex network that is constantly surveying the environment both inside & outside the body, adjusting the internal environment according to its needs.

The nerves in the feet travel to the spinal cord, signalling to the brain & receiving messages back. At the same time, messages are also being sent to & from tissues, organs & glands throughout the body. These all respond to stress & relaxation in different ways. For example, the digestive system will be more active when we are in a relaxed state, whereas in a stressed state, the endocrine & respiratory system will dominate.

By both calming & stimulating nerve endings in the feet, reflexology helps to open and balance nerve pathways throughout the body, improving communication & allowing each system to find its equilibrium.

3. Reduces stress levels, improving mood & aiding sleep.

Reflexology is a powerful antidote to stress. Probably the most well known benefit of reflexology is its ability to induce a relaxed state. The benefits of this are far reaching. It switches our autonomic nervous system to a slower ‘rest & restore’ phase, reducing the stress hormones, namely cortisol & adrenaline. Our heart rate slows & our breathing is calm. We digest our food, we make hormones, we repair our muscles & strengthen our immune systems. We feel our blood pressure decrease, experience less anxiety & our mood lifts. We become more tolerant. Being in a state of relaxation can help reduce the symptoms of a wide range of conditions where stress is a contributing factor. These include migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, neck & backache, insomnia, pre-menstrual syndrome & during menopause, to name but a few.

4. Reduces tension & discomfort in the feet

Foot conditions such as plantar fascilitis & morton’s neuroma can cause significant discomfort. Using techniques to release tension in the feet can calm & ease these affected areas. Over time, taut and tense areas in the feet can cause tension in other areas of the body, especially joints & muscles, so working on the feet can help release tension in these other areas as well.

5. Stimulates circulation.

Reflexology is well known to improve circulation & is very beneficial for poor circulation of the legs & feet. A good supply of blood & oxygen throughout the body allows for more effective removal of waste from the tissues, aids the supply of essential hormones & supports general health & immunity.

6. Grounds our bodies & reduces circular thoughts.

Everyday stress can cause emotions to build up.  With thoughts continually going round & round in our minds, it can become difficult for us to process them. We live in our heads, but reflexology grounds us; helping us to become more consciously aware of our bodies. This grounding effect, in turn, allows us to process & release these circular thoughts, often leaving us deeply revived & with an overall sense of well being.

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